“Idea of an Infamous Event”

“Idea of an Infamous Event” is an autonomous solo art project, part of the “Medals of the Greek Revolution” exhibition that takes place at the Numismatic Museum of Athens. This exhibition is included at the nation program of celebrations for the landmark anniversary of 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821.

2021 is marked by the anniversary of the 200 years of the Greek revolution; the happiest event in the modern history of our country. Then, in 2022, we mourn for the 100 years since the Asia Minor catastrophe; undoubtedly the most unfortunate event of modern Hellenism. This ruthless exchange of emotions inspired me to start working on this project that was made after a very kind and honorable proposal from the Director of the Numismatic Museum of Athens, Dr. George Kakavas.

Anniversary themed exhibitions are not my favorite. But that’s exactly why I wanted to do it. It was an opportunity for a different way of renegotiating our collective memory beyond any “anniversary folklore”.

Painting | Installation | General Supervision: Konstantinos Kostouros

Painting Details
Every “Idea of an Infamous Event” painting is 175cm high X 50cm wide. It is processed by acquiring rust on an iron sheet and then painted with oil colors.

Project details

“Idea of an Infamous Event”

Art exhibition

Project date

31 December 2021 - 31 December 2022

Project location

Numismatic Museum of Athens