Walking the ancient trail trodden by the wicked

“Walking the ancient trail trodden by the wicked”  is an Art Performance that brings together the stories of Oedipus, Job and Jesus, in order to illuminate the different paths they took when, in the most crucial moment of their lives, they were accused of blasphemy against God and threatened with extinction. The first one accepted the blame, the second resisted, while the third was ritually sacrificed in order to show that victimization is the “loose crutch” that keeps the societies united when hard times comes.

Theater, painting, literature, and music unite and create an artwork designed to reach everyone, regardless of their familiarity with these art forms. Our goal was to deal with a topic that is timeless and ecumenical and reveal, once again, a truth that is known for at least two thousand years; that is, that the victims are innocent.

Painting | Installation | Script | Direction | General Supervision:
Konstantinos Kostouros
Mariliza Chronea, Antonis Karathanasopoulos, Kelly Spanthi
Sound | Music:
Akis Bogiatzis (Sigmatropic)
Text Editing:
Vera Andriopoulou
Movement Advice:
Martha Pasakopoulou
Anna Magoulioti
Arte Atenne – Specs ‘n’ Arts

Painting Details
Every “Circle Around Fire” painting is 175cm high X 50cm wide.
It is processed by acquiring rust on an iron sheet and then painted with oil colors.

These paintings were first presented in 2016 at the B. & M. Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music.

– The book “Walking the ancient trail trodden by the wicked” is published by Nissos publications. (ISBN 978-960-589-084-1)

Project details

Walking the ancient trail trodden by the wicked

Art exhibition - Performance

Project date

3 December 2018 - 21 December 2018

Project location

St. Paul’s Anglican Church - Athens, Greece