What it’s Like to Be Back

Art exhibition – Performance

“A handmade work. A man painted on metal plating, looking at the hours, watching his palms.
An art installation that comes to life through painting, speech, sound and performance.
The journey of a return.
A journey from the palm to the moment standing outside of it, the moment of reflection that death brings, the moment that can exist in life only through art.”

The idea was for a new solo exhibition, but evolved into something much more important. “What it’s like to be back” is the solitary idea that evolved into a team vision.

Painting | Installation | General Supervision:
Konstantinos Kostouros
«Palm» | unpublished narration, 2010:
Dimitris Tanoudis
Mariliza Chronea, Tassos Raptis
Sound | Music:
Akis Bogiatzis (Sigmatropic)
Narration adaptation:
M. Chronea, D. Tanoudis, K. Kostouros
Painting Details
“What it’s Like to Be Back” painting is 240cm high X 125cm wide.
It is processed by acquiring rust on an iron sheet and then painted with oil colors.

– The book “What it’s like to be back” is published by (.poema..) publishing. (ISBN 978-618-80940-7-9)

Project details

What it's Like to Be Back

Art exhibition - Performance

Project date

9 February 2014 – 8 March 2014

Project location

“16 Fokionos Negri Str” (The Sotiris Felios Collection), Athens - Greece.